Information Economy

If you have ever been online, watched a movie or taken a medicine you have been a user of information. Today information in the form of software, databases and innovations is becoming more important than ever before. Information is becoming main thing we make, trade and use.

This is a new world being built on “bits”. Its virtual nature makes it different from the physical world of bread and land and cars which can only have one user at a time. By contrast, information can be used by many at the same time. The implications of this are huge. It makes a world of open information both possible and desirable — that is a world in which all public information can be openly and freely used, shared and built on.

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Writings and Essays

Talk at re:publica

I will be speaking at Republica on the 9th of May in Berlin.

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China Trip 2017

I will be in China from the 15th February to the 2nd March 2017. On this trip I hope to meet and talk to anyone – from academics and students to policy-makers and entrepreneurs – interested in any of the following: An Open World and an Open Digital Economy and Open Knowledge International Data driven insight – including how to build data platforms and data pipeplines cf my work at Datopian Creating wise societies – see Art / Earth / Tech for more If you are interested in meeting, please get in touch.

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Taiwan 2017

This February I have the privilege to visit Taiwan. I will be there from the 4-13 February. My current public schedule is below. I am always keen to meet people and groups interested in openness, data-driven insight or wise societies so please get in touch to arrange a meeting. Wed 8th Feb 7pm: Open Knowledge Taiwan public event A panel event organized by Open Knowledge Taiwan. More information and register: http://www.

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