Solving the Internet Monopolies Problem - Facebook, Google et al

24 February 2018

The good news is that an increasing number of people seem to agree that: Facebook, Google etc are monopolies That is a problem Agreeing we have a problem is always a crucial first step. But to go further we need to: Correctly diagnose the disease – in particular, avoid confusing the symptoms with the root cause Identify a cure that actually works On point one, the answer is that he root cause is costless copying (plus platform effects) combined with monopoly rights.

Requiem for an Internet Dream

12 December 2017

Originally posted on the Open Knowledge blog: Comments: via twitter or email me via my contact form. The dream of the Internet is dying. Killed by its children. We have barely noticed its demise and done even less to save it. It was a dream of openness, of unprecedented technological and social freedom to connect and innovate. Whilst expressed in technology, it was a dream that was, in essence, political and social.

Data Matters Conference

3 November 2017

I will be hosted at the ‘Data Matters: work effectively in the new HE landscape’ conference in London, United Kingdom, for a talk on 3 November 2017. This event will bring together data, digital and quality experts and practitioners across higher education sector to discuss the topical issues around data and its use. I will be focusing on on the impact that data can have on our decision-making and how we can create data systems to support the public sector and build the communities and capabilities to use that insight to drive change.

Towards an Open Information Age Talk at YES Conference

12 September 2017

I will be hosted by the YES Conference 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia, for a keynote presentation on 12 September 2017. Will the digital revolution give us information democracies or information empires? The answer lies in a political choice, a choice between open or closed. Either making information open and freely accessible to all, or, closing it off and having it owned and controlled by the few. This choice matters everywhere from inequality to freedom.

Open Leaders Workshop Helsinki

10 September 2017

I will lead an Open Leaders Workshop whilst in Helsinki in September. Openness is transforming our societies and economies. Join the Open Leaders program to learn about the key ideas and developments in this rapidly growing space. About the program Where: Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00101 Helsinki, Finland When: 10 September 2017, 10:30am to 6:30pm Cost: 0-100 euros (you pay what you can) Language: English In the program you will discover openness as one of the most important policy opportunities of the twenty-first century.