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Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

19 July 2021

Like someone reading Wikipedia on speed.


19 July 2021

The Zettelkasten Method

1 July 2020

Niklas Luhmann (1927-1998) was a social scientist whose wide-ranging and prolific writing is often attributed to his note-taking system named “Zettelkasten.” Luhmann wrote around 60 books and 400 articles upon numerous social phenomena, such as law, education, mass media and love, in the process of creating a comprehensive theory of society. Luhmann’s system was made up of index cards (zettel) which he kept in slip-boxes. Luhmann used alphanumeric strings to connect related notes, allowing him to combine ideas into chains of thought which he could repeatedly return to and expand.

Only in Silence the Word

18 June 2020

“Only in silence the word, only in darkness the light, only in dying life: bright the hawk’s flight on the empty sky.” – Ursula Le Guin (the greatest fictional expositor of Zen in modern times)

Policy Based Evidence

15 June 2020

Policy-based evidence and emotion-based reasons are the unacknowledged ids of our rationalist society. All of us (other than psychopaths!) find it hard to preach one thing and do another. Hence, we are all forced to find ways to have our reason and our instinct coincide. Sincerity is essential to our self image.