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Who would you want to diagnose your cancer scan? An expert doctor or a data-driven algorithm? What about who you hire? Or your advertising spend? You might be surprised by the answers, And the answers are more relevant today than ever before because data is everywhere. And it comes in a bewildering variety of forms – from big to open, personal to real-time, and many more. We hear of data-driven decisions and data-driven organizations, data deficits and data gaps, data strategies and data officers. But how can data actually make a difference to you and your organization? Or, for that matter, to our society? Where can you get real value – and what’s just snake oil? In this talk we will go beyond the hype and buzzwords. We will delve into how and why data can make a real difference to you and your work – as well the practical pitfalls and challenges.

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Flow: a Tool for Scaffolding Data Flows

This post outlines an idea for a tool that I’ve been thinking about for a while. UPDATE: working sketch of the tool here Flow is a scaffolding tool for quickly building data flows. Think of it as the zen of data engineering that can start small and scale big. Flow allows you to build data processing flows quickly using existing tools on your laptop. If you later want to deploy these Flow makes that easy too.

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Datahub Roadmap Q4 2017

Table of contents Marketing Roadmap Developer Roadmap Features More Discussion 3 Sep 2017 - Rufus + Adam Motivation: Roadmap SCQA II - Aug/Sep 2017 Situation: alpha running, no publishers yet, 50 signed up users. Complication: we don’t have any paying users yet (or know whether we will) and we don’t have a clear plan of action. Question: what tasks should we focus on in the next 3-6m to create a sustainable business within the next 6-12m?

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Frictionless Data Video

Our mission is to make it radically easier to make data used and useful – our immediate goal is make it as simple as possible to get the data you want into the tool of your choice. Open Knowledge International Transcript We want insight, wether it is how to stop global warming or just the quickest way to get to work. No, to get insight, we need to use data.

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