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From climate change to obesity it seems clear that our societies are less wise than we would like — or need. Wisdom can sound other-worldly. But we believe it can and should be eminently practical. That it offers a valuable way to frame an important and essential enquiry into how we can make our societies and institutions work better. Wisdom is an idea that requires us to reflect on ends as well as means — where we are going as well as how to get there. For example, we focus a great deal on growth, but what kind of growth do we want and why do we want it? Conversely, lofty ideals are all very well, but without practical ways to turn them into reality they may be of little value.

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A Better World

I want to take a moment of your time right now to talk about ‘how do we build a better world’. How do we build a better world? It is a question people have talked about for thousands of years and I want to make a suggestion, that to really make a utopia, a great world, the best world we could, we need to have two kinds of transformation.

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What Went Wrong and What We Can Do About It (Vision of Utopias)

From conversation today with SB Functional materialist age: we want more material things such as food, washing machines, cars because of the impact on our well-being: we do not go hungry, we do not do tedious physical labour. Key point that this demand shows sharply diminishing returns: once you have enough food you do not need that much more. What can you do with more than one car per person etc.

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Discounting and Self-Control

I’m posting up an essay on “Discounting and Self-Control” (pdf). The essay, which I haven’t really touched for over a year, is still in its early stages but having lacked the time to do much on it over the last year, and going on the motto of “release early, release often”, I’m posting it up as a form of alpha version. … then must you speak Of one that loved not wisely, but too well;

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