Zen of the Command Line

Zen of the Command Line

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Find and Replace Across Multiple Files


 find -L ${directory} -type l 
 # remove the broken links
 find -L ${directory} -type l -print0 | xargs -0 rm 

Bulk rename files

For example to change files with extension mkd to rst:

find . -name "*.mkd" | sed "s/\(.*\).mkd/mv \1.mkd \1.rst/g" | sh
## s3cmd

a: 2010-06-17
t: s3cmd css

    # does not seem to auto-detect file type w/o prompting
    s3cmd put --guess-mime-type --acl-public *.css s3://your-bucket/your-dir/

## Mercurial

### Stash working copy changes

1\. Use shelve extension

2\. Use Mercurial Queues (MQ)

    # -f needed as we have local changes
    hg qnew -f patch
    hg qpop

    # later
    hg import --no-commit .hg/patches/patch
    hg qdelete patch

3\. Or without MQ:

hg diff > patch
hg update -C .

then import the patch later …