Work-Life: Stanley Druckenmiller Quits Citing Heavy Personal Costs

MARCH 30, 2019

Stanley Druckenmiller was considered one of the greatest investors of all time. In 2010 he quit the investing business after 30 years citing what sounds like burn-out and cumulative stress:

Stanley F. Druckenmiller, the hedge fund titan who led George Soros’s famous bet against the British pound, told clients on Wednesday that he was quitting the business and shutting down his investment firm, Duquesne Capital, after 30 years.

“I have had to recognize that competing in the markets over such a long time frame imposes heavy personal costs,” he wrote. “While the joy of winning for clients is immense, for me the disappointment of each interim drawdown over the years has taken a cumulative toll that I cannot continue to sustain.” [emphasis added]

Originally noted: 2018-10-19