Building a Sustainable Digital Age Talk in Geneva

MAY 11, 2017

I will be hosted as the opening lecturer at Open Geneva Hackathons on the 11th of May in Geneva, Switzerland.

How can we build a sustainable digital information age? And why should we do it?

I will demonstrate how democratising information offers solutions to a number of essential issues linked to our digital evolution. What will our role as human beings be with the increasing importance of artificial intelligence? How can we preserve freedom in a world of Googles and Facebooks? How will we be able to reduce digital inequality and build an economy and society which is suitable to the digital information age? And how can we harness the full power of digital technology for innovation and creativity?

Open knowledge offers one of the greatest policy opportunities of the twenty-first century, to create not only a more innovative and transparent society, but also one which is creative, fair, free and well.

I will also do a keynote at Open Geneva Sunday 14th of May on the need for OPEN to make an inclusive, innovate and sustainable digital age possible.


Full video of the talk given in Geneva.