Speaking on Digging into Open Data at Data Insights Meetup in Cambridge Today

FEBRUARY 2, 2012

I’ll be talking at Data Insights Meetup today on the topic of Digging into Open Data.


  • raw data


There has been growing interest, especially in government, in ‘open data’. This talk will explain what open data is, why it is important and go on to cover some of the Open Knowledge Foundation’s recent work in this area.

About the Open Knowledge Foundation

The Open Knowledge Foundation has been a pioneer in the field of open data since its inception in 2004. It works in a wide array of areas from sonnets to statistics, genes to geodata. Its open-source CKAN software powers http://data.gov.uk/, http://thedatahub.org/ and dozens of other open data hubs around the world. For more information about the Foundation see http://okfn.org/ and http://okfn.org/projects.