Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy Can Help With Depression

DECEMBER 2, 2008

A new paper has just come out in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Vol 76(6), Dec 2008, 966-978 entitled: Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to prevent relapse in recurrent depression.

According to the abstract (hope to say more once I can actually get access to the pdf):

… This study asked if, among patients with recurrent depression who are treated with antidepressant medication (ADM), MBCT is comparable to treatment with maintenance ADM (m-ADM) in (a) depressive relapse prevention, (b) key secondary outcomes, and (c) cost effectiveness. The study design was a parallel 2-group randomized controlled trial comparing those on m-ADM (N = 62) with those receiving MBCT plus support to taper/discontinue antidepressants (N = 61). Relapse/recurrence rates over 15-month follow-ups in MBCT were 47%, compared with 60% in the m-ADM group … MBCT was more effective than m-ADM in reducing residual depressive symptoms and psychiatric comorbidity and in improving quality of life in the physical and psychological domains. … For patients treated with ADM, MBCT may provide an alternative approach for relapse prevention.