Atlas of Economic Models Launched (in alpha)

DECEMBER 27, 2007

Over Christmas I’ve had some spare time. This has permitted me to get the Atlas of Economics Models off the ground. This is a project I’ve been thinking about for some years, first motivated really by the experience of trying to discover what variations had been done on the basic Hotelling-line model of ‘spatial’ product differentiation and competition (previous allusion earlier in the Autumn here).

So what is the Atlas supposed to be? From the front page:

The Atlas of Economic Models is a comprehensive list of the basic ‘building-block’ models used by economists. It also includes additional information, for example worked out analytical solutions to special cases and details as to how models inter-relate (hence the ‘Atlas’ in the title). More about the atlas can be found on the about page about page.

Other important features of the Atlas are that it is:

  • Community Editable: the Atlas is a community-based project with most content editable by anyone who wishes to contribute. Specifically we’re managing the content in a wiki and to edit any given page all you need to do is click on the edit button at the bottom of that page.
  • Openly Licensed: all content is openly licensed. That is all material is made available under a license that permits it to be freely used, reused, shared and redistributed by others. Further details on the license page.

As yet, it obviously does not have much content but that should be gradually remedied over the coming months. And if you’re economically inclined why not head over there and help out …