WTO Documents

Author Description of Document Document Link
M. Bottari NAFTA's Investor ''Rights'': A Corporate Dream, A Citizen Nightmare, Multinational Monitor 1 April 2001 On site here taken from the corpwatch website
H. Bruton A Reconsideration of Import Substitution; Henry J. Bruton; Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 36, No. 2, Jun., 1998, pps. 903-936. PDF Note that this document is quite large (1.29MB).
CAFOD Rough guide to the WTO On site here or original is here
CAFOD Article: 'Food Security and the WTO' On site here or original is here
Cuddington et al. Prebisch-Singer Redux PDF
S. Edwards 'Openness, Trade Liberalization, and Growth in Developing Countries'; Sebastian Edwards; Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 31, No. 3, Sep., 1993, pps. 1358-1393 PDF Note that this document is quite large (1.2MB).
Nordstrom, H. and Vaughan, S. WTO Special Studies 4: Trade and the Environment [WTO 1999] Available on WTO website here (or look under special studies section here)
Anne Krueger 'Whither the World Bank and the IMF' [JEL Dec 1998 pp. 1983-2020]
NAFTA The text of the NAFTA agreement Chapter 11 is available on site here. The whole text is available online here.
oecd_2000 Net Official Development Assistance Flows in 2000 PDF (cached: pdf)
oecd_2001 Net Official Development Assistance Flows in 2001 PDF (cached: pdf)
Public Citizen NAFTA Chapter 11 Investor-to-State Cases: Bankrupting Democracy, Public Citizen September 2001 PDF
Rubens Ricupero 'Closing the Legitimacy Gap' - Article by Rubens Ricupero Secretary of UNCTAD (UN Conference on Trade and Development) As PDF
D. Rodrik 'Globalization, Social Conflict and Economic Growth'; Dani Rodrik; Dec. 1997; The 1997 Raul Prebisch lecture delivered at UNCTAD (published in The World Economy, March 1998). Original here or on site in PDF here.
Select Committee on Intl. Development 1999-2000 Tenth Report - After Seattle Available online here
Michael J. Trebilcock And Robert Howse The Regulation of International Trade; Second Edition; [Routledge 1999, 2001 reprinted]  
WTO_1995b GATS - General Agreement on Trade in Services. Annex 1B of Uruguay Round Final Act. WTO has whole set of pages devoted to this here and the actual agreement is available here.
WTO Trade in Services Database. In particular contains listing of countries' specific commitments (up to 31 Dec 1999) link
WTO_1995a GATT - General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs. Annex 1A of Uruguay Round Final Act See Uruguay Round Final Act (this includes GATT 1994 and 1997 and associated annexes)
WTO Organizational Structure of WTO - Chart In HTML and printer-friendly (B&W) PDF
WTO_1995 Uruguay Round Final Act. This is the full text of both the Agreement Establishing the WTO and all the multilateral trade agreements that members signed up to Documents page at WTO (or legal texts section) or available in pdf at this site is: Agreement Establishing WTO
WTO Agreement on Textiles and Clothing Main textiles section here. Specific introduction on the ATC here
WTO_2001 WTO annual report 2001 Available on the site here or on WTO site here
zdouc_1999 WTO dispute settlement practice relating to the GATS; Zdouc, Werner; Journal of International Economic Law; 2:2; June 1999; pp. 295-346 link to contents for that issue at OUP site

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