The What is To be Done Project was founded in 2003 by a group of recent Cambridge graduates. Upon the completion of our studies, as we assessed our futures, the question arose as to how we could make a difference to that world in which we now full participants. How might we assist in solving the problems of the 21st century.

What, in fact, were those problems? What were the priorities? And above all what needed to be done? We came to see that before we could solve problems we needed to know what those problems were. Before we could try to shape the world we needed to have a vision of the world that we were trying to make.

This program and vision inherent in it, we acknowledge, may seem idealistic or utopian. But without ideals, without coherent aims and goals – even those that exceed our grasp – to direct our efforts, there can be no hope of attaining a better future. Without sufficient information and analytical rigour, we cannot know what our vision is, or persuade others of its validity.