All worthwhile things are hard, but not all hard things are worthwhile.

Ideas are cheap, implementation is costly. (More on this on the dedicated “Ideas are Cheap” page)

The best thing to do with your data will be thought of by someone else

[On Data]: We want it raw, and we want it now.

We need open data because we don’t just want to use a car we want to poke around in the engine, see how it works and then rebuild it.

In a world of zero (reproduction) costs matching is king. source

Confusing novelty with originality was the great mistake of the twentieth century.

London - Land of pavements and people

Secession motto: to every age its art, to art its freedom

On actors: We cannot but imbue those who act with the characteristics of the creations they inhabit. It is our slip of the mind, our collusion in the contrivance of the world. [2018-03-01 on actors in letting-go-4]

A single drop of water falling into the deepest well. This is awareness. [2021-10-02]



  • Spirits we wander amongst are our becoming
  • The supple eternity of the spirit
  • Words are infinite and ephemeral

Great Album/Novel/Film Titles


Something is Eating My Scarf
Dissolving into a mist of traffic
No Apparent Reason
We do not remember the names of the vanquished (Prog Rock)
Buttons Are There to be Pushed
Busking for Kopecks on the Street of Contingent Dreams
Let Me Know How Eternity Tastes
Singing the Flowers
My Sound Engineer is Becoming a Monk
Chomp, Snort, Lick
Cutting the Chord
Distance and Mist
Cerulean Blue
Fugitive from Grace


Lights Out for the Territory (Iain Sinclair, non-fiction providing an unusual perspective on London and its environs)
All Tomorrow’s Parties (Velvet Underground, William Gibson)
My Correct Views on Everything (Leszek Kolakowski)
Ashes and Diamonds (Wajda)
Life and Fate (Vasily Grossman) City of Glass (Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments series)


With Phone Email I Can Always Know That No-One I Know Needs Me.

Takes the Wanting out of Waiting. [First credit card ad in the UK: Takes the Waiting out of Wanting]

Dolce et Gabbana Est