CKAN Technical Roadmap Thoughts Dec 2015

DECEMBER 6, 2015

Thoughts on the future technical evolution of CKAN including:

  • The Hamburger Analogy: data portals have three parts:
    • Presentation layer - visualizations, views, etc
    • Metadata-“bus” / data-bus - a common layer for metadata exchange and data store
    • ETL - metadata and data ingest, processing, etc
  • Current core CKAN should become more and more metadata and data bus layer.
  • Frontend components including visualization, views, showcase etc (including those currently in CKAN) becomes mini separate services that interface with core via the API
  • Data ingest including metadata editors, data importers (datapusher etc) should also become their own microservices that interface wit
  • The core (meta)-data bus provides an essential separation between Data Presentation and Preparation
  • Could improve CKAN as (meta)-data bus by adopting Data Packages and Table Schema (Tabular Data Packages)
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