Institute of Chartered Accountants' Annual Lecture

NOVEMBER 9, 2011

Tomorrow evening (Thursday) I will be giving the ICAEW’s (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) IT faculty annual lecture. I will be talking on the topic of “Open Data: What, Why, How” – more info below.

The event is free, but unfortunately invite only due to limited capacity -(email [email protected] to attend). So, if you don’t have anything planned and would like to find out more about the intersection of accountancy and open data (think OpenSpending) then why not come along!

Open Data: What, Why, How

There has been growing interest in many circles, and especially in government, regarding ‘open data’. In this lecture Rufus will explain what open data is, why it’s of interest to government and others, and finally explain how governments and others can ‘go open’.

Access to government data is essential to many of the webapps and digital services we’d like to see, from planning a journey to work to knowing where your taxes get spent. As well as covering the basic what, why, how of open data this lecture will look at examples of some of the most interesting work in this area and provide a vision for what the nascent open data ecosystem could look like.