Tim Hubbard at Cambridge University Pugwash Society

FEBRUARY 21, 2007

Yesterday I went along to hear Tim Hubbard speak at the Cambridge University Pugwash Society on New economic models for biomedical R&D to address the worldwide problem of access to medicines. Tim’s an excellent presenter and this talk did a great job of explaining a complex issue to an unfamiliar audience (I remember my own talk over a year ago there on similar topics ago. Tim mainly focused on explaining the benefits of something like the Medical Innovation Convention – a global treaty for medical R&D that was developed by Tim and Jamie Love and is now part of the wider access to knowledge (a2k) agenda.

A Few Random Notes from Tim’s Talk

  • prices for drugs: NICE (UK), PBS (Australia)
  • WHAT: IGWG (Dec 2006)
  • LSE study on neglected diseases:
    • drugs in 25 years 1975-2000: 21 (all by pharma)
    • drugs since 2000: 63
      • non-industry: DNDI 6/MMV 22/GATB 7/TDR/11
      • industry: 14