A Pythonic API to Subversion Repositories

NOVEMBER 15, 2006

Whenever I’ve had a few spare minutes over the last couple of months I’ve been hacking away on svnrepo, a pythonic API to local subversion repositories and it is now robust enough to warrant a 0.1 release. svnrepo is (and was intended to be) very small, just a single module, that wrapped the python subversion bindings for repository access to make them simpler to use and more object-oriented. At present the module requires subversion >= 1.3 but I’m hoping to scale that dependency back in future releases.

Getting it

The module is Open Source software (MIT-licensed) and you can either:

  1. Download it directly from: http://www.rufuspollock.org/code/svnrepo/svnrepo.py

  2. Or get it the python package index. If you are using setuptools just do:

    $ easy_install svnrepo

What it looks like

There are unit tests at:


And they are pretty good at demonstrating how to use the API but just for the sake of demonstration. Assume that you have an existing subversion repository at REPOSPATH.

from svnrepo import *
repos = Repository(REPOSPATH)

history = repos.history('/')
for revision in history:
    print history

rev = repos.get_revision() # get the youngest revision
print rev.log # the log message of the revision
print rev.date

# get a node
rootdir = rev.get_node('/')
print rootdir.is_dir()
print rootdir.list_dir()

# create a new revision
newrev = repos.new_revision()
newrev.log = 'My new revision'
newrev.author = 'me'
fs = newrev.file_system
filepath = 'tmp.txt'
newfile = fs.make_file(filepath)

text = 'nothing ever exists entirely alone'
propname = 'copyright'
propval = 'nemo'
newfile.set_property(propname, propval)