Talk in Geneva

11 May 2017

I will be hosted as the opening lecturer at Open Geneva Hackathons on the 11th of May in Geneva, Switzerland. How can we build a sustainable digital information age? And why should we do it? I will demonstrate how democratising information offers solutions to a number of essential issues linked to our digital evolution. What will our role as human beings be with the increasing importance of artificial intelligence? How can we preserve freedom in a world of Googles and Facebooks?

Talk at re:publica

9 May 2017

I will be speaking at Republica on the 9th of May in Berlin, Germany. I will be talking about the digital revolution, and its ability to lead to either information democracies or information empires. The choice is a political one, a choice between open and closed. Either making information open and freely accessible to all, or, closing it off and having it owned and controlled by the few. This choice matters everywhere from inequality to freedom.

China Trip 2017

15 February 2017

I will be in China from the 15th February to the 2nd March 2017. On this trip I hope to meet and talk to anyone – from academics and students to policy-makers and entrepreneurs – interested in any of the following: An Open World and an Open Digital Economy and Open Knowledge International Data driven insight – including how to build data platforms and data pipeplines cf my work at Datopian Creating wise societies – see Art / Earth / Tech for more If you are interested in meeting, please get in touch.

Taiwan 2017

3 February 2017

This February I have the privilege to visit Taiwan. I will be there from the 4-13 February. My current public schedule is below. I am always keen to meet people and groups interested in openness, data-driven insight or wise societies so please get in touch to arrange a meeting. Wed 8th Feb 7pm: Open Knowledge Taiwan public event A panel event organized by Open Knowledge Taiwan. More information and register: http://www.

Architecting Open Text Projects

12 December 2016

Two parts: How official inquiries works – and a plan for future A review of learnings from past projects and thoughts on building “open text” projects going forward including e.g. open literature [toc] Plan First piece - Official Inquiries Document current and planned official inquiries tech architecture Bigger story Motivation: Why is the Arden Shakespeare still produced as a dead-tree or PDF experience Why are we still living with the codex as our experience (PDFs reproduce dead-tree books) Why is is a pain to find and share books across devices (without getting locked in to one ecosystem (kindle)) Why is it such a pain to get texts in a form that you can copy, annotate etc (i.